Snaptube for Windows Phone/iOS (iPhone/iPad)/Mac OS

Snaptube is an app which lets you download any YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo etc videos because there are many people who cannot download video from the internet and have trouble viewing them online because of internet speed or any other reason. But, with the help of Snaptube App you can download videos in different resolution and even it’s audio.

Snaptube app is very useful for downloading videos but due to some reasons, it is not available on Apple Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store. But it is not a matter to worry about because we have some alternatives to Snaptube App.

As we already know that Snaptube app is the best for downloading videos and no app can replace it but “something is better than nothing” so, we are giving you some best alternatives of Snaptube App.



Alternatives Of Snaptube APP For Windows Phone


Tube pro:

Tube pro is the best alternative of Snaptube App for Windows Phone because it is available on Windows App Store and let us download many types of audio and videos.

Tube pro advantages:

Tube pro has an attractive feature which is that we can listen to the audio of a video even when our phone screen is locked. Tube pro lets us select resolutions from 144p to 1080p which makes it the best alternative of Snaptube App for Windows Phone.

Steps to install Tube Pro:

  • Go to windows app store.
  • Search for Tube pro in it
  • Install the app
  • Open the app and enjoy the audios and videos.



Alternatives of Snaptube App for iPhone and iPad 


The Alternatives of Snaptube App for iPhone and iPad are Mx Tube and Cubelite which are the best alternatives of Snaptube App because it shares the same features which Snaptube App does.

Mx Tube App:

Mx tube is the best alternative of Snaptube App for iPad or iPhone because we can easily download videos through it.

Steps to install Mx Tube App:

  1. Firstly, Install Cydia on your iOS device.
  2. Search for Mx Tube in the search bar.
  3. Install the app on your device
  4. Now run the application.


Advantages of installing Mx Tube:

  1. Mx Tube gives maximum download speed
  2. We can resume downloads in Mx Tube
  3. It is a free license tool
  4. It works like Snaptube App.


Cubelite Application:

Cubelite App just works like Snaptube App and it has awesome interface and framework which makes it popular for downloading videos for ios devices.

Advantages of Installing Cubelite App:

  1. Cubelite has fewer bugs
  2. Cubelite helps us download videos free of cost
  3. Cubelite supports multiple websites
  4. Cubelite lets us choose different resolutions



Alternative of Snaptube App for MAC OS


Free Youtube Downloader:

Snaptube App is not available on Mac OS. So, the best alternative of Snaptube App for Mac OS is free YouTube Downloader. The only limitation of this app is that you can only download youtube videos from it. Otherwise, it is a good application.

Advantages of Free YouTube Downloader:

  1. Many types of video resolutions supported.
  2. Many types of video files are supported.
  3. It can download mp3 of a video.

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